The Flu – What Is It Really?

For one to completely understand how the flu behaves, they must develop a basic understanding of the difference between a bacterium and a virus. They are both tiny germs capable of invading the human body. Because of their genetic makeup, they are capable of creating different symptoms in response to the way the body reacts […]

Natural Cold Cures

The commonplace bloodless is an all too acquainted hassle. It has its personal season to wreak havoc in groups round the sector, which says some thing dramatic approximately the way humans regard it. The average man or woman catches among two and four colds in keeping with calendar yr, depending on their health an immune […]

The Stomach Flu Verses the Other Flu

Do you know the distinction between the belly flu and influenza? Many humans use the term interchangeably, but the assumption isn’t accurate and failing to apprehend the distinction among the two can cause extreme health based totally effects. The term “belly flu” is a famous term utilized in society. However, the term is wrong while […]

What are the side effects of Tamiflu?

In 2009, The British Medical Journal (BMJ) released a report stating that Tamiflu might not be as safe for treating the flu in children as originally conceived. Their report recommends that physicians limit prescribing Tamiflu to people who fall into the high-risk category, since the virus does not cause severe symptoms in all patients. (3, […]

Herbal Remedies for the Flu

Influenza could be a virus that has continuously stricken concern within the hearts of individuals. Between 1918 and 1919, over twenty million individuals lost their lives due to the grippe virus, and therefore the serious complications it will cause. the first explanation for these the deaths between 1918 and 1919 were truly caused by the […]

Treating the Stomach Flu

The stomach flu may convey a call similar to the influenza virus, but the illness isn’t always caused by the identical viral contamination as the flu. The circumstance also does no longer convey the identical symptoms because the influenza virus. In fact, the scientific term for the stomach flu is gastroenteritis, immediately translated into inflammation […]

Alternative Cures for the Flu

There are hundreds of viral strains connected to both the cold and flu virus. The majority of these viral strains alter themselves genetically on a yearly basis, or every few years to survive in the world we have created with vaccines and medical treatment to reduce symptoms. Because they have adapted and learned to change […]

The Common Cold – What Your Body Goes Through

The flu is resulting from one among many strains of the influenza virus, the not unusual cold is resulting from a completely distinctive virus, the rhinovirus. The signs and symptoms of the commonplace cold include an universal feeling of being ill, mild headache, congestion, sore throat, coughing and at times, a low-grade fever. The rhinovirus […]

Mexican Flu

In 2009, Mexico metropolis confronted an epidemic of a flu virus. A panic shadowed over the general public and the nearby media. Their greatest fear was that a brand new pandemic worthy flu turned into emerging in their us of a. Researchers recognized the virus as the swine flu, which became later renamed H1N1 virus. […]

The Swine Flu – What Is It?

The flu, usually referred to as the seasonal flu, is because of a pressure of the influenza virus. Simply as studies declared that maintaining a healthful food regimen and following through with right hygiene behavior can assist combat off the flu virus, the arena become stunned with the aid of the emergence of a new […]